How To Drain The Fuel From Your Car Engine

How To Drain The Wrong Fuel From Your Car Engine

put-wrong-fuel-in-carHuh! What a hassle, right? This situation causes a lot of unnecessary heartache to lots of people up and down the globe every day. It is a very simple mistake to make. In most cases you may be caught off-guard especially when your mind is on something else and then suddenly you realise that you have put the wrong fuel into your tank.

Of course, you are bound to be devastated on account of the processes, time wastage, and inconveniences that this error ensues. Normally, most car owners surely dread the cost involved in putting that mistake right.

Misfueling can be a real pain in the wrong place. The stringent anti-emission laws make the situation even worse if you happen to fall into the Emission Control drive by the environment authorities. Sadly, one inevitable fact is that the wrong fuel can wreck the fuel systems and the catalytic converters installed in the exhaust pipes to prevent the emission of toxic exhausts.

Moreover, even the smallest traces of the wrong fuel can form a film on the inner parts of the combustion chambers and increase friction which ultimately results in the engine’s malfunctions. Traces of Diesel in petrol engines or vice versa can cause a lot of damage to the engines since the working of both these engines is diagrammatically opposite to one another.

Do not despair; the situation is salvageable.

Many people are under the misconception that putting the wrong fuel in their car engine can result in a significant repair bill. However, this is not the case. Some companies offer roadside assistance by draining the wrong fuel from your car as well as filling your fuel tank with the right fuel at a very pocket-friendly fee. What is more, this can be achieved in as little as forty minutes.

A fun fact is that some of the earlier versions of diesel engines can tolerate up to 30 % petrol mixture. On the other hand, if diesel is pumped into a petrol engine it could lead to the seizure of the pistons and also stalling of the engine which translates to “BAD” in simple English. Diesel can also destroy the catalytic converters in the exhaust pipes and cause clogging. This ultimately makes them ineffective in converting the carbon monoxide into CO2.

Who can sort out my wrong fuel problem?

The best action you should take in such a situation is to stop the vehicle immediately. Check how much fuel is there in the fuel tank and then call for help to remove the wrong fuel as soon as possible. Remember, Do NOT start the vehicle under any circumstances because this may lead to warranty nullification.

The entire cleaning process can cost up to 100 to 200 dollars. But there is no other way out or else the damages could be even more crippling.

A reputable Wrong Fuel London-based Drain Service can come to the rescue when you accidentally put the wrong fuel into your tank by mistake. Most of these services specialise in providing a fuel drain service, therefore, If you have made this mistake, do not despair, help is at hand.


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